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I talk about visualization in my workshops and with my clients all the time. Manifesting, getting specific, having the courage to ask for what you truly want–all things I have experienced in my own life and read about all the time.

And yet, I forget about this tool. The very thing I teach, I often forget is right in between my ears.

As a kid, I had no problem doing this. Like most kids, I wasn’t a fan of nightmares, so I used to program the likes of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck in before I closed my eyes. And, sure enough, I’d dream about them! I thought I had magic powers. I’d even brag to my cousins about how awesome I was.

Christmas and birthday presents were a cinch. I’d circle all the pictures in the JCPenney catalog and dog ear the pages. I could see myself opening the gifts; what they smelled like outta the package; how it would feel in my hands, all of it. Too bad I didn’t know then that I should have visualized them all in front of me at once, as opposed to individually. My stats were kinda low, about 3 outta 7+, but it worked nonetheless;)

In high school, I remember shooting hoops in my neighbors driveway, evening after evening. I’d see myself on the varsity squad, as a freshman: on the court with the team, in those fly warm-ups, feeling badass. I’d dribble the ball home after dusk, just in time for dinner: “I’m gonna make the team; I’m gonna make the team; I’m gonna make the team,” in rhythm with each bounce.

Well, I made the team, alright. But it wasn’t long before I realized that perhaps I should have been more specific. Because I didn’t just want to make the team, I actually wanted to play. It’s the only time I ever road the pine, a humbling lesson, no doubt.

In the above vid, Vishen Lakhiani, the founder of Mindvalley and many things awesome, including Awesomeness fest, talks with humility about his visualization mis-steps.

He is an avid Silva Method practitioner, a method I have yet to try but this vid has def. peaked my interest. Again, admittedly, I watched it on double time; 30 minutes seems like eons in the midst of all my to-do’s. Another thing I’m working on these days … prioritizing and slooooowing dowwwwn.

“Luck, intuition and bending reality,” is what Vishen attributes to his mega success through the methods he learned as a young man with Silva.

Thoughts create your reality and how we direct these thoughts is huge to living in the flow, says Vishen. A lesson we take in here at tyomd weekly, at least.

I loved his concept of reservoir faith. I talk about this often, but I really like this metaphor. Just as we need to start small to build intuition, we must also start small to build faith. The more instances we have behind us of the universe working in your favor, the more we are apt to let go and allow.

One thing I forgot to mention in yesterday’s post with more on Adam Braun and his book The Promise of a Pencil was that his entire company was built on one intuitive step after another.

I read in success story after success story about the power of intuition and the more we get in tune with our desires, our true passions, the easier it is to get into flow and allow intuition to guide us.

Vishen quotes Sam Walton: “In everything I do, I expect to win.”

Living with the utmost conviction is so powerful, yet if you are not clear on your path and don’t have a precise vision it is nearly impossible to put your heart and soul into it. This is where I falter.

I say over and over again that I’d be happy doing this, or happy doing that. All the while, because I’m not specific, I’m limiting my potential and lacking real reward.

The last thing Vishen suggests is upping our impossibility ceiling. I’m all about this. He suggests that we associate with people who are crazy successful and perhaps on similar paths so our ceiling of possibility grows with us. I write about this time and time again. I read biographies; I watch interviews; I study what they study. If I can’t hang out with them, I’m gonna do the next best thing. And once I’ve spent some time with them, I often share them with you;)

I leave you with this: Check out the Silva Method if you are curious about honing your visualization skills. Or just wait until I read it and write more about it hear;) You can also tap into your inner kid and make a birthday list. The more senses you can bring in the better. I have the Omvana app on my iphone. A great meditation is the 6-phase meditation, which just so happens to be read by our man, Vishen Lakhiani.


Much Love,



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