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charlotte brown: blind = even more badass

Watch vid and read full story here.

Charlotte Brown is an inspiring young female athlete who has been crushing it at track and field since she was little even though her eye sight was dwindling and eventually diminished. Whereas before she could run the inside lane and at least see contrast, her sight has since faded to black.

She had a rare case of children’s cataracts that even after several surgeries has left her dependent upon her self-proclaimed sonar hearing, impeccable instinct, and her trusty seeing eye dog. But never fear, she has found phenomenal ways around it with an amazing coach, a supportive family, and a I’m-just-as-good-if-not-better-without-it attitude.

I’ll let you watch the above vid and read more of the story, when you get a chance.

In the meantime, I just want to share a quick anecdote on how Brown’s story sparked an abrupt debate between Elisa and I.


She posed the question: “If you had to choose one, which of the five senses would you give up?”

For an overly introspective person, I would have thought that I had mulled this over at one time or another, but I hadn’t. They all seemed far too important to choose. I wasn’t a fan of this game, I said.

But she insisted.

After several minutes, I finally said taste. I even made the joke, “Perhaps I’d be thinner.”

She was appalled. I love food, no doubt. And she, a chef, seemed personally insulted.

My explanation was simple. I’ve never cried while eating something. I have been brought to tears by a breathtaking view; I have heard music that quenched my soul; to smell a flower whose purpose is mere beauty I couldn’t trade, nor could I give up the feeling of fog on my skin during an evening run, or the sun on my shoulders in spring.

Her choice, crazily enough: touch. Insane from a women whose soul objective in life is to snuggle. I was so shocked I switched the subject. I couldn’t bare the conversation any longer.

Instead, I thought I’d pose it here.

I leave you with this: Have you ever given it a thought? I know they are all uniquely precious and interrelated, but if you had to give up one … what would it be? Why?


Much Love,


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