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Destiny by Design

I’ve heard Brendon Burchard give valuable tips like: don’t check your email first thing in the morning, or don’t fall into the worm hole of surfing and browsing.

Designing your day is something Elisa and I have just begun working on, admittedly long overdue. We are both driven and “busy” all day long, but I know if we took the time to diagram how our time was spent … we’d likely be horrified.

I used the analogy when I was teaching a workshop at Bravehearts a couple weeks ago: convert time to $$. If we are awake roughly sixteen hours a day, then we are making 960-say minute-to-minute decisions. That means, if perhaps we saw time more valuable, we are waking up each day with an allowance of almost $1,000. We have to spend it; there is no savings opportunities. And yet, how do we spend our time?

Quite honestly, Elisa and I should just keep a stack of dollar bills around the house to toss out the window when we catch the other straying from our morning’s intentions: our latest practice to stay more focused throughout the day.

We know better. We teach this stuff for goodness sakes, yet here we are.

I have a few non-negotiables each day: meditation, workout, healthy food/prep/cleanup, chores, blog, read, work, and yes, I’ll admit it, social media (not in any particular order). The rest of my time is spent cleaning up my inbox so I don’t get buried. Reading and sifting out content for clients and blog. And being pulled in 101-different directions rather than focusing on the very three things that I’d intended to do that day.

Sure, we need time to unwind. We don’t have a TV, so inserting a few minutes throughout the day for a good kitten video, or another list of 900 life-hacks is important, but where do we draw the line?

I think it’s important to set feasible goals and gain momentum. If three intentions each morning is too much, then set 2 … or even 1. We often don’t change overnight, although I’d like to think I can sometimes.

The second part of Brendon’s message is the “act as if,” which we talk about often here at tyomd. Be confident now, be grateful now, be hungry now.

So who is it that we truly want to be? And what are the qualities of that guy/gal that we can start being today?

Funny, how I have this much … yet I can’t seem to get the caboose around. I am, just as we all are, a constant work in progress. This has been on my radar a lot lately, therefore I’m bringing awareness around it, which is always the first step. Identifying the weakness.

Now that the cat’s outta the bag, and I got her cornered, I just gotta tackle the squirmy little thing and drop her off on the neighbor’s front stoop:

You’re turn!

I’m busy becoming my dream.

I leave you with this: How are you spending your day? Are you living a consciously designed life?


Much Love,



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