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First I Was One of Those Straight Girls Who Sometimes Hooked Up With Chicks …

And now I’m one of those vegans who sometimes eats burgers.

Even I’m discriminating against me.

Or I would be, rather, if I were glued to labels.

I’ve sort of always been a walking contradiction: a tomboy who loves to wear a dress for a good occasion, an athlete and an artist, not religious but very spiritual, not political but largely opinionated; I’m even ambidextrous: I’m right handed but do most things left.

For as long as I can remember, I never liked to be defined, boxed, stationary, permanent anything. To me love is love regardless, I just had less patience for boys. In my last switch to veganism, there weren’t any vows. I took no oath; it just felt right for me then.

And now, with the availability of better quality meat and the reduction in grains in my diet, a burger every once in a while (especially after 13.1 miles of running and two beers) feels right for me now.

I gave a quick shoutout to the bison beforehand, the Circle of Life song played in my head. He was honored alright.

I think flexibility is important with everything in life. New conditions are constantly being thrown into the mix testing our boundaries. When we are unwilling to change, when clearly the pros outweigh the cons, we are likely being stubborn. Ego just loves a platform, a larger sense of identity, and often times that’s exactly what our fixed beliefs provide.

I’m not saying, go eat a burger, if that’s not your thing. Or do anything drastic, for that matter. The pros outweighing the cons piece is the kicker. Or the evidence outweighing the existing thought patterns. It is when we feel stuck because we are trying to adhere to old claims that I’m hoping will be challenged.

Believe me, my family has been telling me to eat a burger for years, but I am a little fearful what my yoga class might think. And yet, I make decisions that feel right for me in the moment even if that means getting shit on the opposite end. It’s good practice to get shit anyway. It’s easy to be zen without opposition, right?

I leave you with this: What crusty archaic beliefs or thought patterns can be challenged in your life? Anything showing solid evidence that the times they are a changing? Where could you be less rigid?

Loosen up, will ya?


Much Love,






8 Responses to “First I Was One of Those Straight Girls Who Sometimes Hooked Up With Chicks …”

  1. Todd

    So Timely! Lately I’ve been struggling (internally) with how I label myself. Though I am ‘vegan’, the stress of staying vegan was too much. I have too much stress in my life (work, home life, etc..) – I don’t need to add stress of trying to be a vegan. So I am cool now, and don’t fret if I accidentally or even purposely eat a some feta cheese! (oh the horror). But as for meat …I’ve been wanting to ‘experiment’, and see what my body will do. I agree, with better quality meat, etc…I’m for it. I finally don’t give a crap what people think. Thank you for sharing this!


    • kat.hurley

      Thanks for reading, Todd. Yeah, when I go at something I’m pretty hard core …but it often makes me wonder whether that’s discipline or simply attachment to a new label. I think it’s always good to have a system of checks and balances. I’m obsessed with goat’s milk kefir these days;)


  2. Grass Oil by Molly Field

    I can’t do labels but I admire those who endeavor to adhere to them. I don’t know us it makes me wushu washy or hypocritical; and those are labels too. I suppose I can’t be bothered. Label me blasé. 😉

    Great piece, Kat. I do enjoy a burger and a leather purse. But my purses are always second-hand and my buglers are seldom.

    I love that you love what you love.




    • kat.hurley

      I used to love a good label. In fact, I became vegetarian just for the soapbox that came with it;) In my advanced age, though, all those things seem more fun to test than to adhere to. Thanks for reading! xoxo to you and the crew;)


  3. JJ

    This is perfect! I’ve always hated labels and believe it is why so many of us struggle with our identity. The idea of using labels then behaving accordingly is such a vicious cycle. We are all walking contradictions and its about damn time it was embraced.

    I love the concept of your blog as well!

    P.S. I met Elisa this week at a meet up on essential oils with Michelle- I look forward to staying in touch and hearing about this journey.


    • kat.hurley

      So great to hear from you, JJ. Glad you and Elisa connected. Stoked that you agree: label/shmabel 😉 Testing boundaries is way more fun…lol. Stay in touch and thanks for reading!



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