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Stranger Encounters: Park Slope walking singer lady

This is Clarette Frederic. (I should have had her spell it;)

We met in Park Slope on 3rd Street.

I caught her singing to herself as she walked with her clunky cane. I couldn’t help but stop her.

She sang for us.

She starts off a bit shy, but really opens up for the French piece.

After the camera cut, she and I walked together for about fifteen more minutes.

First, she asked to see the “picture.”

Her first critique was of her nose;) She thought she looked terrible.

She’s from Haiti. She’s a photographer and came to the US in the 50’s. She worked for big agencies and even the paparazzi. She worked two jobs to put her daughter through private school. Her daughter began dance when she was three, and later became an actress appearing on One Life to Live and in movies as well. Now her daughter lives in the UK with her husband and child. Clarette has already been to visit three times–she’s a jet setter.

Clarette’s second husband, and love of her life, died in the 80’s. He was a medical technician and, according to her, knew everything.

She is a bright little wedge of sunshine, as you will see.

When asked what advice she gives those of us working to pursue our dreams, she said, “Work hard. Work really really hard.”

I would add, if I may: Be the light. As Clarette was mine today.

I leave you with this: Keep shining. No matter what. Someone will notice.


Much Love,


PS… sorry to my dear friend, Jamie, who has tried to help me in camera angle and filming. One day I will get it;) #fail

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