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Prioritizing Time on the Mat

tai chi group – hong kong 2011

I finally got back to yoga this week. I’d been having trouble coordinating my schedule with that of my fave studio in Brooklyn and their new summer schedule.

I find that I’m more inclined to go to yoga when it’s cloudy or rainy because this time of year I’m obsessed with even a promise of sunshine. I’ve also found a new route to run in the park where I incorporate plyos, stair work, pull-ups and push-ups throughout. And as I do most everything in spurts, that seems to be what’s feeling good and dandy in my routine these days.

So as I laid out my mat yesterday, a good part of me was wishing that I’d gone on that run instead. It was overcast and misty, but as I recalled, I’d really enjoyed a run, in an almost empty park, a week prior under the same conditions.

It was a stark reminder that I [read: we as a society] have a difficult time slowing down. We forget that we need that time on the mat to create space in our muscles/mind; lengthening and expanding and letting go and opening up, all things allowing for further growth and development, both mentally and physically. Yet, most of us are too stubborn to prioritize those things.

It is the same with meditation. We just don’t have the time. In our culture, where doing is seen as more important than being, we simply lose touch of the importance of space.

Don’t over think it. Just sit and get quiet. Some of the greatest minds let intuition be their guide.

I leave you with this: Yoga or meditate. Pick one. Or both. Your mind and body will thank you.


Much Love,



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