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Trusting the Process, Again and Again

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Just a couple of weeks ago I got a note from Overture. They were inviting me back to their studio.

A few months prior I had gone through a three-stage interview process curious if their “storyteller” position would be a good fit for me.

It was not, which, I’ll admit, I pitched a slight fit over. I had convinced myself with each “Congratulations! You’ve been accepted to the next round” -email that I had found the perfect part-time position to compliment my strengths without compromising my entrepreneurial spirit.

The fit was short and silly–I knew better–but I couldn’t stop thinking, “I even wore the bow tie!”

Acceptance and faith allowed me to loosen the grip and soon disappointment turned to gratitude; I was grateful to have gone through the process. I was better for it and I knew it.

In the next days, and now months it has become obvious why that position wouldn’t have suited me. I have grown in my business and attitude in ways that would have been impossible devoting time to someone else’s dream.

Although my core values and mission resemble those expressed at the large round-table group interview, it was not my vision–not my passion.

The invitation back to the studio was in thanks for our interest, efforts, and commitment. This time the cameras would be on me, if I so desired.

When I walked into the office and sat waiting in the lobby, I smiled. It had all come full circle. A constant reminder to trust in the process.

I leave you with this: In what could you be trusting in the process more. Have a little faith. It goes a long way;)


Much Love,


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