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Work Life Balance: Entrepreneur pain and pleasure

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This topic of work life balance comes up often for me considering I’m constantly feeling guilty for not having produced enough in a day. There just never seems to be enough time.

I fall into this trap with the best of them. Being an entrepreneur and working from home, there is a constant struggle to prioritize better, manage time better, create more, learn more, make more, keep up, all while living life and enjoying the freedom of what it means to be a frickin entrepreneur.

Elisa and I generally have the same wrestling match each night, prying one another away from the computer around midnight. There is always another online course we’re attending, another article to read, another blog post to write, another TED to take in.

It makes me miss the simplicity of the Encyclopedia Brittanica days. We would just wonder about stuff for weeks on end if we weren’t satisfied with the given entry; or worse, if we hadn’t gotten that letter volume in the mail just yet. God forbid we have a question about anything beginning with P before the P volume arrived.

Now we are so inundated with information: how to’s, how not’s, best practices, worst practices, it’s difficult to keep our head on straight.

It’s also nearly impossible to feel accomplished when infinite resources are at your fingertips and you waste an hour scrolling through facebook, pausing at every cat video, all while a long list of to-dos haunts nearby and 15 tabs linger open on your screen.

It’s enough to make even the most well intended bonkers, or worse–burnt out.

Thankfully, I study this stuff. I should be more prepared when the you’re-never-going-to-make-it brigade strikes. I feel it coming from miles away. But still I fall prey. It gets inside your head. You question everything.

Just when you feel though that it’s gotten too hard, it’s not worth it, you’ll get an email from someone thanking you for what you do. You’ll be reminded why you’re doing all this in the first place. You’ll be inspired by someone having overcome epic obstacles.

We need to capture the moments of success, document the victories, however small, and savor the accomplishments that over time, nevermind how long, will add up. They include moments of doing great things as well as times when being great meant even more.

How we measure these moments will dictate our feelings of balance and success. Here’s your chance to brag. Remind yourself how effing amazing you are.

I leave you with this: Each evening in bed, rather than running through the list of all that still needs to be done, take stock in what you did, how you did it, and why you’re better now than before.


Much Love,





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