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Make Your Mental Blueprint

In the midst of Wayne Dyer’s Wishes Fulfilled I came across one of my fave quotes: “If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.” -Thoreau

I’ve read it hundreds of times at least, but in the context of this book, the focal point was more on the imagination than the “advances confidently in the direction of his dreams”–the part I’d always been drawn to.

It makes sense, the imagination must come before all the dreaming, of course … yet I’d never read it that way.

Honing our imagination is not a skill often addressed, in so many words that is. It comes naturally, right? We’ve been doing it since we were kids.

The only issue is that over the years we’ve become more and more reliant on our senses to define our reality and have learned to trust boundaries as being fixed.

We’ve become an “It is what it is” culture and completely lost touch with what it means to truly use our imagination.

Although we don’t seem to have any trouble imagining what we don’t want, that part we’ve mastered. All along creating more of what it is we do not want.

We also live in a culture of comparison. We compare our beginning to someone else’s middle and lose complete enthusiasm for our big start. Constantly comparing what we once had or what we once were to our current lack of success/happiness/fulfillment is a total deal-breaker as well. A long road to nowhere, hijacked by regret.

And then there’s the letting others define your limits thing. They impose their fears and beliefs upon us and suddenly we’re stricken with hesitation. Our hype deflated, mojo lost.

All that said, honing our imagination takes quite a bit of un-learning, before we ever have a chance. It requires dissolving boundaries and thinking/speaking through genuine intentions, catching ourselves when our innate reaction is for the worst.

Imagination is also deeply personal, there is a knowing so telling in your body that others opinions, of even highly respected people, cannot shake you. This requires intuition, mind/body awareness, which for most of us could also use a little practice.

Keeping our antennas up for what Carl Jung referred to as synchronicity: a combination of fate and coincidences, is a great way to receive those universal high fives, signs we’re on the right track. Such synchronicities pulled me out of my biggest depression when I felt completely lost. It was like a trail of bread crumbs to passion and purpose. A place from which I can now manifest big.

I leave you with this: Honing your imagination is the first step to creating your mental blueprint, your map to greatness, out beyond the limits of your current position. Be diligent. Your dreams are waiting.


Much Love,




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