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What I loved most about Maya Angelou …

What I loved most about Maya Angelou was her presence. She hardly had to speak to communicate, but when she did, she did so with such pause and absolute grace that purposeful prose just dripped from her lips. I hardly think even one superfluous note ever fell out.

If only we understood what she embodied so beautifully, we wouldn’t be in such a rush to make blessed fools of ourselves.

“You alone are enough. You have nothing to prove to anybody.” – Maya Angelou

I leave you with this: Take your time. We made up the race anyway. Perhaps it’s time to yell, “I’m not playing anymore!”


Much Love,



2 Responses to “What I loved most about Maya Angelou …”

  1. Catherine Haggarty

    yes yes yes …we made up the race. lets all stop playing. I often have to tell myself “I am enough…I need nothing more”. It’s constant practice. . . thanks Kat Hurley for being a good speaker on quiet walks and presence.



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