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Raktivitsts: Changing the world one person at a time

I was listening to a great commencement speech the other day. So great, in fact, that I forget who it was. I’ve only watched about 15 commencement speeches in the past week, so please excuse the poor reference.

Anyway, homeboy (we’ll call him), a highly decorated army something or other, was talking about how one person can change the world. I didn’t take notes on the math either, but I loved how he encouraged the graduates to make a lasting impression on just 10 lives.

The ripple effect of those 10 changing 10 more, and then those 10 following suit, and so on, you could start to get a picture on the exponential growth. With the 8,000 graduates being addressed, he promised in just 50 years they’d have done the impossible.

Although I didn’t archive his speech, like I do many things I hope to write about later, I did archive this random acts of kindness website which caught my attention. I agree with homeboy, that one person CAN absolutely change the world and how better to do so than through random acts of kindness.

They call their crusaders Raktivists, which I think is brilliant. If you haven’t caught on already, I’m such a sucker for this shit.

I know it sometimes seems awkward to tell the story of something you did for someone, unless they just had the most amazing reaction that made it all the better. But sharing a story witnessing kindness in action is totally on the money.

They use #raktivist for their stories in social media, so be sure to not only share your kind experiences (because saps like me love them), but when you do so throw in that #, and that way we’ll be spreading the love.

I leave you with this: One RAK a day for a week. No matter how small. Change the world, will ya?


Much Love,


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