one woman's quest to live the life she's imagined all while daring you to do the same

An Interview With Josh Barad of

I found Josh through this guest blog post here at Tiny Buddha. With the nuggets he planted there, I could tell right away that he’d be a terrific guest for TYOMD. Anyone on a mission to live uncomfortably is a kindred spirit of ours, make no mistake.

After doing a little more hw by visiting his website, I knew we had to chat.

Here are Josh and I totally unscripted–talking: dreams, fear, books, magic, meditation, living in alignment, and, of course, AM dance parties. I’d jotted down some bullets beforehand but that was it, and he crushed it.

Thank you again, Josh, for being authentically you, no matter how uncomfortable and awkward … all while encouraging others to do the same.

And he wears it so well–you’ll see;)

I leave you with this: Do check out the vid, there are tons of yummy bits to digest. Gentlemen, if you’re interested in hearing more about Josh’s upcoming 3-month program, visit his site for more info.


Much Love,



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