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Reading at Spoonbill & Sugartown: NBTT Anthology: 73 Women’s Stories on Transition

*Read full article from photo here.

I friended Kelly Corrigan on FB just over a year ago. She is a terrific writer and distant mentor. Although I’m a reluctant super fan on social media, I figured a loose connection would be kosher.

In the synchronistic manner that things often happen, Kelly was promoting a writing contest in conjunction with her annual Notes & Words benefit. The winner of the contest would win a meeting with an agent and one of the big five NY publishers.

First hurdle: I had less than 24-hours to come up with an essay.

I was in the midst of my book publishing, the marathon that that was. I thought surely there’d be an excerpt I could easily extract.

The piece I found, closely related to the theme “transitions,” was 1900 words, which brought on hurdle #2: shaving 700 words off of my already edited and chopped manuscript.

After working with the kind and generous Chris Bronstein, founder of ABOW and NBTT, who had partnered with Notes & Words for the contest, I was reinvigorated to share my story, no matter how arduous the publishing.

Although I didn’t win the contest, I was honored for my piece to be chosen as one of the 73 stories on transitions. This book is packed with powerful stories of women. Some are NY Times Bestsellers like Kelly Corrigan and Gabby Bernstein, others are big time journalists, and still more are just like me.

Each of us, with the message that there is always light at the end of the tunnel–magnificent light even. And it is in the darkness when we find our strength.

I leave you with this: Ladies, this is a great book filled with a variety of triumphant stories ready to inspire. Gentlemen, if you’re lady is struggling with a difficult transition be sure to get her this book. She’ll thank you later;)


Much Love,




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