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The Summer Cold & Handling Biz: And by handling biz, I mean not.

I never get sick. Well, hardly ever. I even recall just a few months ago looking at my neti pot longingly trying to remember the last time I’d used it.

I knew what had happened. My sleep went to total shit this past weekend. Up late, only to be back up early–no nap. I was walking the thin and narrow and I knew it; I’d promised myself I’d catch back up when the week began.

And then Monday eve, the smackdown came. Sore throat, snot everywhere, sneezing, coughing, the whole nine. I was all whiney and wimpery while Elisa rubbed my chest and feet with essential oils.

I nearly cried when I learned I had a co-op shift at 5:30 Tuesday morning. Again, Elisa came to the rescue and let me sleep while she pretended to be me for our two-hour required monthly commitment stocking veggies.

I slept almost 12-hours, double the sleep that I had gotten each night over the weekend. I rearranged appointments and ignored emails, things I rarely do.

Besides the building of the new Ikea piece, which was tragic (Turns out mantras don’t work on Ikea furniture: “I see this going really smoothly,” “I am one with this piece,” and even, “I love Ikea furniture!” do not, I repeat, do not work.), I spent most of the day laying, eating, laying some more, allowing myself to heal.

In the past, I would have felt guilty with that, “The show must go on!” attitude. Granted, I had a little help, but the biggest difference I saw in myself was the complete letting go.

I didn’t even read the Huffpo Daily Brief, or TDL, or Purpose Fairy, or Tiny Buddha, or Elephant Journal and the gobs and gobs of other subscriptions that show up in my inbox everyday. For someone who is wacky OCD about email, this says a lot. In fact, to look at the overflow in my inbox right now gives me agita.

Alas, this is something I’m working on, so perhaps this summer cold was divine intervention to loosen the grip a bit.

I’m going to bed early this eve (as soon as this post goes out) and will wake up tomorrow refreshed and 100%. I feel it!

(And so it is.)

But I’m grateful for this time to step away, to allow, to realize that there’s life beyond an organized inbox–the world will still spin. For some, this might not be a big lesson, but to me it is a welcomed ahhhhh.

I leave you with this: Feeling overwhelmed or tired or sick even? Cut the chord from your usual routine and give yourself a well-deserved break, on me;) It will all be there when you get back, and then you can decide if it mattered that much to begin with.


Much Love,


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