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Put the Feng Back in Your Shui: How one piece of furniture can make you feel like you got a whole new crib

Had you asked me when I woke up at 5:15 this morning if I thought today would be the day to remodel and rearrange I would have laughed at the notion, but sitting here now in my “new” apartment feels fantastic.

Oddly, as I mull this over, it was actually the perfect day. Despite waking up still exhausted from this 48-hour creepy summer cold thing, as the day went on I summoned the energy to build the 2nd of two Ikea pieces (with a full day break in between since the other one nearly had me in tears).

[I should clarify, the first of the two pieces was merely a replacement for a piece we already had, but was stolen by Elisa’s evil twin (no seriously) so that one doesn’t count on the feng shui tip.]

Feeling recharged meant of course that everything then had to be cleaned and free of germs. And then when the new piece (our standing desk/tall dining table) stood tall, I realized it didn’t fit at all where we imagined it would, which prompted a whole rearranging of the living room.

One chair got ousted to the bedroom, which then prompted another full redeco. And while I was at it, why not do the bathroom and kitchen as well.

I’m excited about the new chair in the bedroom and the new arrangement, because I’ve taken to doing my morning pages in there (a practice I only began a week or so ago) and the light in the morning is better in that room. The whole look and feel of the space is more inviting. In fact, I can’t wait for tomorrow mornings writing test drive–I expect nothing but magic.

Also, today we began some crazy cleanse that Elisa has us trying, so what better way to start fresh than by cleaning up the environment.

Although I have no training whatsoever in proper feng shui, the basic tenants refer to harmonizing the human existence with the surrounding space. Gaining positive qi by reworking the flow, if you will.

That I feel as though I have accomplished. Although an expert may beg to differ, I don’t tend to invite experts over for dinner parties–just for that reason actually.

So, then it’s all settled, I’ll just go on feeling amazing in my “new” space.

Now we just need stools for the table in case we might want to sit down for dinner at least.

I leave you with this: Rearrange, reorganize, and renew: fenging your shui and amping your qi;)


Much Love,






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