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To the Graduates: Just a few tips from someone who learned the hard way

I have spent the better part of the last seven years trying to uncover my own intuition. Turns out those years from 13-29 when I thought “I knew better”, I actually didn’t. Shocker.

Each time my gut said no, but my voice blurted YES, I wasn’t doing myself any favors, of which I was completely, and fittingly, unconscious.

I inadvertently cut the chord to my own compass, stumbling around, doing as I pleased feeling lost and directionless.

On paper I was doing just as I should: college, grad school, job, significant other, bills, staying fit, keeping up with friends and family.

Drinking and drugs tapered off after college, as they do. Friends scattered. Life felt different. I remember when all my friends and I looked at each other and said, rather simultaneously, “Adult-hood blows!”

Responsibilities grew, busyness grew, and then next thing I knew I was five years into my career wondering where all the time went.

All the sudden, I was in more weddings than I could count, excited for the open bar, but kinda freaking out. Are we really old enough to be getting married?

Remember how slowly time passed as you were chomping at the bit to get outta high school? Or that painful year before you got your driver’s licence, how effin long that took. What about being 20–it lasts a whole decade somehow, insane!

Unfortunately, after 21 and college graduation, time seems to slip like sand falling through your fingers, so savor as best you can.

Actually, scratch that, Don’t savor! Throw it all away. Every bit of it! Just hand it over now.

If you’re anything like I was than you’ll do the opposite of what I suggest anyway, so this way I should present it from all angles;)

Seriously though, the intuition piece is huge.

Listen to that voice inside you that knows better. Those hunches aren’t to be shrugged off. Those coincidences aren’t to be ignored. Keep an eye out for the signs, because they are there and, trust me, this world isn’t so cold and scary when you believe in them.

Again, if you are anything like me, you either slept through science or stared blankly at the blackboard once the bunsen burners were locked away. The only real important piece you need to take from science for now is that we are all energy. We are all connected. How you treat others runs far deeper than the golden rule. We hold negative energy in our body when we don’t let it go: regrets, gripes, grief, will need an outlet. Also, in case you don’t know yet, forgiveness is magical.

Here’s just a few tips from someone who learned the hard way:


If you want, give.

If you feel lost, stay put for a bit.

If you’re tired, sleep.

If you’re anxious, breathe.

If you need your parents, call them.

If you’re feeling rushed, slow down.

If you’re overwhelmed, go for a (insert exercise).

If you’re feeling stuck, write.

If you’re scared, do it anyway (99.9% of the time).

If you’re lonely, phone a friend.

If you’re poor, welcome to adult-hood.

If you’re frustrated, loud music, long drive.

If you’re never good enough, gratitude.

If you’re unmotivated, just do one thing today and another tomorrow.

If you’re all the above, be patient, so was I and I turned out alright

If you’re awesome, stay awesome.

If you’re not awesome, learn about awesome people (it wears off).

I leave you with this: Congratulations! Hats off to you. You made it. Now go screw up for a bit, it’s good for you;)


Much Love,







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