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Not My Circus …

One of my clients sent me this Huff Post article recently, and its title, the Polish proverb, “Not my circus, not my monkeys” has continued to crack me up since.

As a reformed ringleader, I know all too well the lesson of keeping my mouth shut. I still feel the pull, like a thick magnet to a cold fridge when drama ensues. Thankfully it’s fleeting, often a quick reminder that’s not my M.O. anymore! Praise Jesus!

I’ve lost countless hours to other people’s messes that I made my own. I was a leach to crisis and turmoil, feeding off the frenzy. Anything to get into the thick of it.

I somehow thought I was helping, but looking back now, it’s obvious I was playing my own avoidance game. The more I help you with your shit, the less I have to deal with mine!

And it’s kinda like reality television, you always feel better about your nonsense after you’ve caught up with theirs.

I leave you with this: You’ve got big dreams to manifest. And that requires a whole lotta time and commitment. Be super choosy about where your energy is spent. Leave the drama for yo’ mama, cuz it ain’t your circus, baby.


Much Love,


PS … thanks JK for the article;) xo




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