one woman's quest to live the life she's imagined all while daring you to do the same

10 minute poetry: I Rise For Spirit

2008, in the midst of deepest depression


Even in my darkest days, I awoke fresh, for only moments perhaps, hopeful for anew.

My manners ran on auto pilot, accompanying niceties genuine and generous, but few.


Despite the notion to waive the white flag, I nourished and conditioned my body and was forgiving of my mind.

Bleak was my horizon, yet somehow, somewhere inside, I knew I’d be just fine.


I hardly recognized the will that carried me; it had been some time.

It was the human spirit, I now know, the innate force that gave me rise.



I rise for spirit. In honor of my own human spirit and my passion to encourage others to recognize their own.

I leave you with this: What do you RISE FOR?


Much Love,



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