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The Game Before the Game

I love love love this. Not because I’m a huge fan of soccer, but because football is as close to religion in some countries and this is a great depiction of such.

The phone call to dad before the game with the focus on happiness, you know I’m a sucker for that.

“… run like it is the last day of your life, run like you’re a crazy man chasing happiness, run for your family and your friends.”

I encourage you to insert “dream” for “run,” cuz that’s what we do here;)

“But one more thing, it is important that you don’t hold back.”

The focus, concentration, meditation, vision, passion, and persistence, if we could all have even a fraction of the dedication to our goals, just imagine what we could do.

“Go with God. God bless you. I love you.”

I leave with this: Dream like you’re a crazy man chasing happiness!


Much Love,

kat hurley

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