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A Bat Dream

It is only recently that I’ve been having more vivid dreams and actually remembering them. I recall noticing a fairly long dry spell where I was starting to wonder if my good dreaming days were through.

I had a dream earlier this month about my Gma in our old beach house that felt so real I nearly woke up in tears. And there have been others where I would have sworn that I was wide awake within the dream, just a step away from discovering what I was looking for, or coming within inches of my destination.

This bat dream was so weird. Honestly though, I would have thought nothing of it, except the creepy crawlies of waking up recalling that a bat was tugging at my collar on a bus ride to Vail. I don’t know where the bus or the Vail came from. I don’t typically travel by bus; I’ve never been to Vail. Actually, I don’t know where the bat came from either. I have no affiliation. I didn’t even see the latest Batman movie.

Friday morning my aunt asked me why I’d woken up so early. I’d arrived home for a funeral late Thursday night. Being a city girl and incessantly traveling with dirty laundry, I joked that I had to get a head start. “Plus, this bat was pestering me in my dream,” I added, the memory of the strange dream flooding forward as I spoke.

She laughed, “That’s so funny you mention bats; I have a friend at work that’s had quite the bat ordeal lately.” I listened as she told me the whole story about pesky visitors, rabie’s shots, mosquito nets, and something about bat urine. All and all, it was 2 bats, one old lady, a young international traveler, and a bat nest in the ceiling.

At least a half hour worth of bat talk … and still I felt nothing special about my dream, just a funny coincidence I suspected.

It wasn’t until later that afternoon, when I was at the funeral, that my cousin surprised me with an interesting comment.

I’m sure you’ve gathered already that a favorite past time at funerals is to talk about other memorable funerals. A distant cousin and I were going down the list of family greats. We debated details as we went. She, considerably younger, had a much different perspective, so it was a rather insightful journey through her eyes.

Then out of nowhere she blurts, “The only thing I remember about your grandfather’s funeral was me and my dad sitting there in the back talking about that strange bat on the wall.”

Say what?

She was like ten then, and I’m not sure a Catholic church would have any bats, strange or not, but I didn’t argue. I just smiled.

“Funny you should say that, bats have come up quite a bit in conversation today.”

And that was the end of that.

I didn’t think about it much for the rest of the day, but as I drove back to Brooklyn Saturday morning I kept reminding myself to look up any symbolism for bat dreams. I wasn’t spooked as much as I was just curious.

Here’s what I came up with (bits and pieces from a few different sources):

-Bats symbolize rebirth and unrealized potential.

-Native Americans use the bat as a symbol of intuition and vision.

-Bats usually represent hidden fears that you haven’t dealt with – often regarding people, but also to do with work and other important aspects of your life.

-The bat dream is a sign that it is time to put yourself first, be less sensitive to your environment and that you need to make changes to help you achieve your potential.

-The bat as a symbol has been associated with words like rebirth, intuition,  communication, inner depth, initiation, and illusion.

Nothing terribly alarming, but definitely a good reason to think, “Hmmm.”

I see several good writing prompts here for my morning pages, b’lieve that.

I’ll keep you posted.

I leave you with this: Do you have any recurring dreams that you’ve been curious of their meaning? Have you ever looked closer? Perhaps not exact science, but fascinating just the same. Why not?

Sweet dreams.


Much Love,




2 Responses to “A Bat Dream”

  1. heather

    when I was younger, and I cannot pinpoint exactly what age but I would accurately assume I was 7 or 8, I had a reoccurring dream of this one particular bat. this bat was perceived by others in my dream as an ugly, useless creature. but to me, he was my bat. I felt real live love for this bat even after I had stopped dreaming. I saw something amazing in this animal….the way he made me feel was just so real I can’t explain it. I can still see it in my head to this day! unfortunately the bat has not reoccured in any dreams of mine since then, but 10-11 years later I still vividly remember these dreams and in the back of mind some times I still wonder what it could have meant… thanks for sharing your story.



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