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Jason Silva: Spitting inspiration

Jason Silva, host of Nat Geo’s Brain Games, calls himself an epiphany addict. A filmmaker and performance philosopher, Silva captivates his audience with his YouTube shorts: Shots of Awe.

He tackles all the subjects I never tire learning and talking about: art, philosophy, creativity, expansion, mortality, divinity, space, neuroscience, etc.

He has been referred to as a walking and talking Ted Talk.

His shots of inspiration make me want to crawl out from this illusion of being buried under emails and cut the chord, quite literally, to all excuses.

It was hard to pick a favorite, but I love this piece on Flow.

I leave you with this: His passion is palpable when he speaks … what do you speak about with as much fervor? What gets you all fired up?

Do more of it.


Much Love,


2 Responses to “Jason Silva: Spitting inspiration”

  1. urbanvoice2

    His videos are truly inspirational. He reminds you to look at ordinary things in an extraordinary way and find wonder in the mundane. He inspired several posts on


  2. Tammy

    Jason finds a light in everything. He sheds that on us in the most spectacularly beautiful way. Follow him on Twitter and Facebook for more! Also Instagram @jasonlsilva 🙂 Spread The Love!



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