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TYOMD Does Hawaii: Proceed at your own risk


It feels so good to be back in the land of pristine beaches, swaying palm trees, and very few regulations.

Even after living here for almost two years, I still find myself entertained by the fact that pretty much anything goes.

Today my nephew and I snorkeled along Waimea Bay much farther out than the lifeguards back home would have allowed. On the far side of the bay some peeps had jerry rigged a giant slip-and-slide (aka huge sheets of clear plastic) that led down the hill into the water. On the opposite side of the bay is “The Rock” (pictured above), where today, like most weekends, crowded bodies waited their turn to jump, again and again: cannon balls, dives, back flips, you name it (at its peak, 35-40 ft.).

I can’t even so much as get near a jetti at Coney Island without the frickin lifeguard whistling.

I got a kick out of hoisting my eight-year-old nephew onto the slippery rocks, as the sea rose and fell beneath us. “Are you sure this is OK?” he said. “It’s pretty slippery.”

“Nah, you’re fine. Everyone else is doing it.”

And there he went. That’s all it took.

I stayed below with the snorkel gear and the body board. Then there was a sudden splash followed by a stupid grin. “Your turn!”


Thankfully he had only jumped from about 15 ft., at the third ledge. That was about my speed. (I’m working my way out of pansy, slowly.)

Elisa and I have quite the bucket list to get through in the next couple of weeks and I’m looking forward to taking you on some of our adventures.

Tomorrow we climb Koko Head.

I shall see you at the top!

I leave you with this: How are you at bending/breaking the rules a bit? Doing something that some might see as dangerous? Do you go after it? Or do you shy away? This week I’m thinking you should proceed, no matter the cautionary signs. Sometimes, you know, you gotta proceed at your own risk, or else risk never proceeding at all.


Much Love,





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