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In Flow on the Trail

in the clouds at aiea loop trail

Elisa was busy with clients this morning, so I took advantage of the time by heading out to my favorite trail run: Aiea Loop Trail.

I’ve always considered this run a moving meditation. I had thought it was just the trees and the majestic views that kept me spellbound. Today I found out that the state park where the trail lies is the site of an ancient healing temple.

Even better!


If only the camera could capture the invigorating scent of the tall eucalyptus trees, the depth of the lush green canyons, the cleansing shower of the rain forest.

I love the trail because it only takes minutes for me to reach flow. Jutted roots, mud puddles, and narrow paths overlooking steep ravines make for quick intuitive steps.


My mantra: “Thank you.” Again and again I give gratitude for the beauty, or the spindly tree that saved my life as I corned too quickly in a slippery section.

The trail doesn’t permit me to look ahead. Every decision is made in the present. I allow myself to slip into auto pilot and let my body take me. Little thought. Just my mantra: “Thank you.”


“As your faith is strengthened, you will find that there is no longer the need to have a sense of control, that things will flow as they will and that you will flow with them to your great delight and benefit.” 
― Emmanuel Teney

I leave you with this: With what do you trust your mind & body to wholeheartedly? How often do you get there? Honoring a gift that keeps on giving is the best way to nurture that gift. So make it happen. You’ll be stoked ya did;)


Much Love,








2 Responses to “In Flow on the Trail”

  1. katiekate1784

    Just reading this post now kathy, I love that quote by Emmanuel!!

    Life is slippery for sure, just like some trails. Maybe it’s best we let go of the idea of control and just be grateful…because all of this is beautiful, bad or good…it is, what the living do.




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