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Koko Head: Seek beauty always

Today’s adventure began with a trek to the other side of the island for a climb to the top of Koko Head. Elisa and I with my niece and nephew in tow.

I never tire taking in the view at the peak. It’s well worth it after the short, but grueling steep climb.

At almost 1,500 steps, the hike consists of old railroad ties that had once been a working railway in WWII to transport military personnel and supplies up to the top lookouts.

The bridge, as shown here, gets me every time. Heights, as you may have already gathered, are not my strong suit.)


But since I’m trying to up my badassery game, I went for it;)

The rest is no cake walk, but nothing I haven’t done before.

Still I feel grateful to have a body that can get me to the top, and the will to go after it.


On the way down the bridge got me one last time! Pictured here, though, is my nephew, Haden, holding his own. Ah, to be eight again!


Then I spent the afternoon snorkeling Hanauma Bay with Haden,


before I worked up the courage to do this at China Walls (drop was way larger than it appears.)


Again, probably no big deal for the average joe … but life changing for me.

Especially on a day when a local friend of mine jumped out of a airplane, and I politely declined.

Baby steps. It’s all about the baby steps.

I leave you with this: Meet yourself where you are. And then go for it. But first beauty. Seek beauty always.


Much Love,




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