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Life With Aloha: Drinking the Kool-Aid

The pace of life here takes almost as much adjustment as the 6-hour time change upon arrival.

I can only imagine some of my New York City neighbors flipping their shit on most of these drivers. I’ve been here nearly a week and haven’t heard one horn wail. Actually, I take that back. I’ve heard exactly one horn beep, but it was only to get the attention of the homeless man on the corner to give him a dollar.

Life all around is slower and seemingly more relaxed. Perhaps it’s all the rainbows and reggae, who knows.

Just hanging out here makes me feel like my hurry and rush tendencies have dissipated. They seem silly even.

It helps to be surrounded by such an abundance of nature. I have no trouble closing my computer when my choices are (a.) pristine beach or (b.) stunning hike. Talk about priorities.

Part of me wishes I could bottle this stuff up: the attitude, the vibe, the respect; aka aloha.

Aloha actually means: affection, peace, compassion, mercy, but over time has become the common greeting as we know it.

It’s not a perfect paradise; let’s just say not everyone’s drinking the Kool-Aid. But it sure feels like most are, certainly enough to remind me to check myself before I wreck myself.

I leave you with this: What one thing have you wanted to bottle up from your vacation this year? Did you achieve it? If not, can you get it back? Let’s try, shall we?


Much Love,





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