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Glamping Kauai Style

I have close friends that say things to me like, “Only you, Kat. Only you.” Typically in response to a story about how I ended up somewhere off the beaten path, where about a billion things could have, and perhaps should have, gone wrong, but somehow it always seems to work out.

Usually Elisa then adds her two cents about how crazy I am, and lists on her hand(s) all the things she talked me out of. Yet, my rebuttal is always the same … “It all worked out, right? When will you learn to trust me?”

This morning’s hour-long rental car snafu is not my idea of a fun free topping to our decadent adventure-sundae. Elisa and I must have reminded each other to make the rental car reservation about 100 times, but with the new kittens, the big swim, the super moon, and all the fun we’ve been having, we both just completely forgot.

At the last minute we were scrambling for just about anything to scoot our way around the island in. We could have just upgraded to an expensive something-or-other and called it a day, but instead we chose to save our cash for important things like food, and food.

… So, the benefits of the beater Ford Taurus we took off with from the random rental car shop in the strip mall are as follows: 1. we don’t look like tourists driving a shiny new rental 2. great gas mileage 3. a sofa-like front seat 4. a trunk wide enough to fit at least three bodies.

After obtaining the hooptie, we wound our way up to the “Grand Canyon of the Pacific”, Waimea Canyon, with views so stunning we didn’t bother taking any pictures. What’s the point really? I found this one online and, just as I imagined, it’s a total mockery of the breathtaking spectacle that it was.


Seriously, the both of us just scratched our head at the scene. We didn’t get it. The colors were so rich, the layers and textures were manifold. The breadth and depth of it all was quite literally unbelievable. So much so, I was disappointed.

Is that the best you can do? Really?

To shake off our disappointment we went on a trail run and took some nerdy pics by a waterfall and then called it an afternoon. We hopped back in the hooptie and headed for our next stop.

The camp site, or quasi-camp site, rather.

I say quasi-camp because I was pretty sure a local dude had just pitched a tent in his backyard and posted that joint on Air Bnb.

The pics online had sold it. I booked it without even reading the reviews. As we drove up though, I have to admit, I did get a little nervous. “This is not what it looked like online.

Oh well, I’m sure we’ll make the best of it,” I thought.

The dude wasn’t even there to greet us. There was some confusion about which place we were staying. After talking to one guy, and then an auntie on the phone who had no clue who I was, it became apparent that it was Elwood Junior I was looking for.


Turns out he wasn’t home either. But his adorable son, Dean, answered the door and he was happy to show us to our tent.

Thankfully we walked in the direction away from the tent that had first caught my attention and headed down a nicely groomed path into a rather quaint landscaped area setup much like the pictures that had sold me online. Roosters scurried in front of us, and fruit trees lined our path. I was beginning to wonder how I could have ever doubted myself.

My nerves settled as Elisa scoped out the place and gave her nod of approval.


Dean showed us around a bit and told us that his dad was out fetching us more propane for our outdoor shower.

See, I wasn’t crazy to trust an online stranger with a tent! He’s fetching our propane;)

We later met Elwood Junior and his tank of propane and he was delightful.

Have a little faith, will ya?

So here we are under the big top listening to frogs that I’m pretty sure, at the site of them, starred in the movie Jurassic Park.

I’m sure the roosters will have us up at the crack, so lanterns are going off here. But never fear, more adventures await tomorrow. We’ll see you then!

I leave you with this: Sometimes less planning is more. It’s certainly more fun. And who doesn’t love a great hooptie? Or better yet, a good story.


Much Love,









2 Responses to “Glamping Kauai Style”

  1. laura

    Hi! Where was this exactly? I’m going to Kauiu next month and am looking for a place. 🙂


    • kat.hurley

      We just Air bnb’ed the cheapest spot. The roosters were a little outrageous, but according to my bro, who lives on oahu, “that’s kauai for you!”



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