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Amazing Race Training: Kauai

Why spend the whole day hiking, when you can spend half the time running the flats and the downs and as much as the ups as your legs will take you, and then relax on the beach for the rest of the afternoon? That’s our theory at least: a sort of unspoken pact, a monkey-see-monkey-do kinda method.

Never mind that the rocks are slippery sometimes, jutted roots attack from all angles, and mud as thick as the sole (or more) of your shoe can sneak up on you. I saw my life flash in front of me at least 12 times–I blame the shoes.

Midway we made a joke that we were training for Amazing Race and that was all I needed to kick it into the next gear.

Is that show even still on?

In my head it was, and we were totally in the running. Near break-up, sure, but tied for first.

I even got offended when Elisa slowed down as if real money was on the line, hence the break-up threats.

We’re not intense or anything.

In total, it was 8 miles of stairclimber. My butt and calves are in that perma-flex state.

But more importantly, it was breathtaking. If I had a dime for every time I said, “Holy shit.”

Kauai is known as the island of abundance because of it’s lush land due to consistent, as in daily, rainfall; its nickname is the Garden Isle. Elisa and I are working to soak up as much as possible in the next few days.

I’m so grateful for the stunning views, the majestic mountains, the enchanting rainforests, the pristine beaches, the super clean mineral water, and especially all the trees that saved my life today.

My hope is that in the next few days we’ll be able to give back in even the slightest ways what has been given to us.

Mad Mahalos!

I leave you with this: Gratitude. Get some.


Much Love,







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