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The Last Splash: Kauai

This evening we headed back to Oahu, but not before first eating our way through all our fave stops on the island like proper foodies: Kauai Gold smoothie (papaya, mango, coconut, ginger, turmeric, rice milk), vegan coconut ice cream, fish tacos (mahi-mahi), Kauai Kombucha (ginger, turmeric, meyer lemon, spirulina, chlorella), coconut curry ahi; there’s never enough coconut in our diet;)

We also took a dip at Salt Pond Park, scouted out the Pools of Mokolea, and broke for every waterfall we passed just to get it all in.

This lone rope was spotted at Kilauea Stream and I couldn’t help it.

Thankfully a little girl showed me what to do, but unfortunately no pointers on form;)

I leave you with this: When the choices are to be a kid, or not to be a kid … always be a kid.


Much Love,


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