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A Day of Rest Does the Mind/Body Good

cairn seen on napali coast trail, kauai

Do you ever feel like you need a vacation after your vacation?

Today, we did.

We’re still in Hawaii, but staying with friends whose home feels like a getaway all in itself. We didn’t feel the need this morning to scurry out the door to go see and do anything and everything, like we usually do; we just couched and caught up on cat videos for a good portion of the day.

I guess we didn’t realize just how taxing all this fun in the sun can be. We both took clients this morning, checked some emails, and then proceeded to take not one, but two naps each (lunch in between).

The guilts started to creep in right around nap #2; I have so much work to catch up on. But I didn’t let that senseless worry ruin the divine pleasure of soaking up the rooster-less rest.

We haven’t slept much passed four in the morning the last three nights for shit’s sake (those damn chickens). At least that’s what I reminded myself today;)

No workout, not much in the way of work either, but boy do I feel like a champ. There’s just something about listening to your body and loosening the grip on the to-do list that is so incredible.

It’s funny, because tomorrow I will likely get twice as much done (now that I’ve gotten through all those cat videos, anyway;)

I leave you with this: Just as in sports/fitness, our bodies gain more in strength and endurance in a day of rest than they do being over worked. No matter your routine, be sure to give yourself time to recharge. It does the mind/body good.


Much Love,






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