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What Lights You Up?

I backed the Happiest Place film project on Kickstarter last year and I have enjoyed their updates witnessing it all come together. This is one of the latest behind the scenes peeks, and I knew immediately I wanted to share it with you.

For starters, Elisa and I are already talking about where are next adventure will take us. We talk about how much we enjoyed living in Hong Kong, a perfect hub for Asian travel. We also can’t travel anywhere without telling stories of our favorite all-time trip, Nepal. We never made it to Vietnam or Cambodia and the more and more I watch this footage, I think Bhutan should be on the list as well.

The biking and trekking of this film is really attractive to us. I have a feeling our next trip will be a little more off the grid, so to speak.

Also, this clip shows the amazing Imogen Heap doing her thang. I just love watching her in her element, and getting even a glimpse of her insane artistic process. My favorite part is when she goes into the kitchen in search of sounds/percussion.

It is a form of art that I honestly don’t get, but nevertheless I thoroughly enjoy. Just watching her face and mannerisms in the process it is easy to see that she’s in the state of flow. She is lit up, awake at all hours, totally immersed.

I know what that feels like to have a project make you come alive, often times little food or sleep is necessary. In flow, we are quite literally nourished from the soul. And to be a vessel for creativity to move through us is one of our greatest human gifts.

I leave you with this: What lights you up? Do more of it, will ya;)


Much Love,



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