one woman's quest to live the life she's imagined all while daring you to do the same

Just Keep Showing Up

We essentially have two jobs: dream and show up.

Dreaming can include things like visualization, musing, mapping, manifesting, diagramming, inventing, dialoguing, monologuing, singing, dancing, chanting, seeking flow state, seeking no state (meditation), intuitive recall, stream of consciousness writing, reading, gratitude, praying, and the list goes on.

Showing up is a little different. Getting out of bed, making calls, coursework, networking, creating, building, planning, budgeting, marketing, content, newsletters, social media, daily blissiplines, testing limits, crossing boundaries, chiseling out your niche, all that and more, again and again and again …

The dance between the two jobs is a tango, an open embrace of lead and follow.

In the end though, the how is technically none of our business. We can map and plan and budget until we’re blue in the face, and none of it can turn out the way we planned.

We just keep showing up, regardless.

And little by little, with heaps of trust and gobs of faith, and a damn good mantra: May this or something better happen in my life, we get there.

Dancing all the way.

I leave you with this: Just show up. Just show the frick up.


Much Love,


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