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We Call Bullshit On “I Have No Good Ideas”

“Those who are certain of the outcome can afford to wait and wait without anxiety.” –A Course in Miracles

Seth Godin, author, entrepreneur, visionary, dreamer, posted “I Have No Good Ideas” on his blog the other day.

I love his short posts, quick wit and no bs approach.

He wrote, when you think, “I have no good ideas,” what you really mean is:

“I don’t have any ideas that are guaranteed to work, and not only that, are guaranteed to cause no criticism or moments when I’m sure the whole thing is going to fall apart.”

Thank goodness Tom Edison didn’t think that way, even after thousands of attempts at the light bulb and his plethora of other inventions. What about Henry Ford’s team of experts who told him time and time again that what he was asking for was impossible. Ford had only slightly more formal schooling than Edison, but still he stood strong, “Keep trying,” he said.

And there are millions of other examples of less iconic types who have been successful trying their hand at something new, all on their own.

As Godin puts it, the only difference between those who succeed and those who perish is:

“The guts and persistence and talent to create, ship and stick it out are what’s hard.”

Just so we’re clear about where the excuses lie, Godin says:

“At least you know what’s holding you back. The good news is that those skills are available to anyone who cares enough to acquire them.”

Sure, I get it, this creativity stuff is scary. It gets us all broken open and vulnerable and stuff. But as far as I see it, what else is there? Seriously though, what part of your life when you experienced growth were you not vulnerable?

Do you always want to hide, or would you rather seek?

I leave you with this: Ready or not, here I come!


Much Love,


*Thank you NR for the image;)


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