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Quit the Job of Judging Others

I’ve been working on judgement a lot lately. And, as with anything, once you start working on it, you realize just how much you do it.

I get that we are all hard-wired to judge. How could we spot a threat, an enemy, a tribesman, a brother otherwise? Although we’re not running around wearing loincloths and beating our chests anymore, fearful of the neighboring tribe, judgement still has its place, but …

Mostly not.

As a self-proclaimed street-smart individual, I’ve always considered myself a good judge of character(s). But lately I’m learning more and more that, in fact, I’m not.

I find myself surprised all the time by people I’ve been too quick to judge, and each time I can’t help but smile–lesson learned.

I don’t necessarily judge harshly or cruelly, but every once in a while that slips in too, and I’m like, “Whoa! Where’d that come from?”

Old habits die hard (especially those perceived as relatively harmless).

I mean, they don’t know that I’m judging them. It’s not hurting anything … or is it?

It had become so mindless an activity for me, that I was hardly aware. As far as I’m concerned, spending our time/energy/focus so consumed/concerned by others is a great, unnecessary distraction from the work at hand, YOU/ME.

Now, every time I judge I am reminded to fill myself with empathy and compassion instead. With that switch in perspective, I’m able to see more of myself in that person–even if they are acting as a mirror for something unattractive within me.

We are all trying, even those that seem more like a piece of work than a work in progress. Thankfully it is not our job to judge them. Someone or something else will do that regardless of our opinion. Despite what we imagine, our help in that is not needed.

Us human-types are more the same than we are different. Finding our commonalities is far more fulfilling than focusing on our differences.

I leave you with this: Love wins–always.


Much Love,


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