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I Will What I Want

“You must have the passion, strength and belief that you can become anything.” – misty copeland

To say that I sweat Under Armour’s new campaign #iwillwhatiwant would not only be a terrible pun, but a gross understatement.

“Manifest” didn’t quite have the same ring, but isn’t that what willing is all about? As you scroll through their new site, you can hear the stories of other Under Armour sponsored women. There is no shortage of hard work and sacrifice described.

Manifesting, despite what some might think, is not saying a mantra or two and then sitting around waiting for the tooth fairy to show up. Commitment, blood, sweat, tears, time, patience, trial, tribulation, failure, roadblocks, motivation, hunger, drive, perseverance, willpower, are all just part of the game. It’s when you show up, and keep showing up, that the manifesting begins to take shape.

I think female domination in sports is just beginning to get the recognition it deserves. We might not be bigger, faster, stronger, but we’re fucking badass and we’re ready to prove it.

I leave you with this: Will the shit outta what you want.


Much Love,


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