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Enhance Your Thoughts, Ignite Your Life

One of the simplest, yet most profound lessons I ever learned, when I needed it the most was: You are not your thoughts.

I had been at the whim of mine for quite some time, riding the roller coaster of attachment and make believe. My world as I perceived it was one of dumb luck and tough breaks. I saw myself a victim of my surroundings, and therefore never truly investing in my future, my passions, my life.

“We’re not afraid of what we think we are; we are afraid of what we think.”

When this notion was brought to my attention, that I HAVE control of my thoughts, and therefore my beliefs and my actions, I couldn’t believe it. I had spent so many years trapped. It sounds so awfully simple now, but then it was as if I’d been shown that the gate to my personal cell was never locked.

“You’re never more than one thought away from a whole new experience of being alive.”

My shift in experience was immediate. My life seemingly changed overnight. I still had a ton of hardship to hurdle, but to know that I was the boss of me, ultimately, made all the difference.

I leave you with this: Be the boss. Enhance your thoughts, ignite your life.


Much Love,


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