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In Your Element: ESPN Think Normal

I’m in OCNJ today with Elisa and fam, and tropical storm Bertha, who hooked a hard right out to sea–thankfully, gifted me some pretty decent swell on her way out. Hooray!

Clean, glassy waves, nice shape, good sandbar action, long rides–a perfect day at the shore, as they call the beaches here in Jersey.

I was boardless at the start of the day though, opting to ride my nephew’s 5 & Dime number until I finally broke down. I have two body boards, two sets of fins, and two surf boards, all conveniently out of reach at my family’s beach house in North Carolina.

I went to Acme; I found the cheapest board I could stand up on, and walked out $35 lighter–shit-grin on my face.

Four hours or so later, I emerged from the ocean, starving. The tide had come in. The sets, further and further apart.

Back at the house later, Elisa beamed in the kitchen. She was prepping for dinner, “I’m in my element,” she said.

I’d been in my element all day, and I was thrilled she’d gotten her time to revel in.

All this element talk reminded me of this clip I had saved for you a while back. This brother knows all about what it’s like to be in the zone.

I remember when Jason McElwain’s 4-minutes of magic went viral. It seemed like the feel-good story of the century. This Nine for IX short gives us a little more into the lives of the McElwains’, and just how they continue to nurture that magic.

I leave you with this: What activity have you ever felt “in your element” doing? How can you get your hands on more of that?


Much Love,


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