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Few Things I Love More Than a Good High Five: Celebrating you and the man who invented it

I end almost every boot camp and training session with a round of high fives. It’s such a feel good move. Corny as it may be, I think everyone secretly loves it.

Elisa and I really enjoy these 30 for 30 shorts on ESPN. I saved this one for you a while back, not certain when I’d use it.

Today I just wanted to take a few minutes to celebrate you. Here’s your virtual high five!

Often times in this field of self development, we feel as though we are never doing enough. Not mindful enough. Not food conscious enough. Not passionate enough. Not dreaming enough.

Let’s take a long team time-out to remind you that if you’re doing this work at all, you’re doing more than most. Today is a great day to reflect on how far you’ve come. What are some of the biggest changes you’ve made? How is your life different? How has your perspective shifted?

A big part of a healthy mindfulness practice is to notice what you might have done in the past, given that same situation. Celebrating each milestone no matter how minute.

We often forget that part, yet those small victories add up. And soon we are a changed person wondering who it was that couldn’t keep it together just a short year ago.

So today is all about you and this awesome fella, Glenn Burke, who wasn’t afraid to be himself. He was vulnerable, he was passionate, and he changed the world — one high five at a time.

I leave you with this: Treat yourself to something special. You deserve it!

Much Love,






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