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Joy: The gateway drug

This year’s word is JOY, as I stated back in January. And what a delicious pursuit it is.

I cannot say enough for the practice of following joy, even when it doesn’t make much sense. Water polo at age 36 sounds as silly as learning to speak Italian for no reason, and shamelessly I’m doing both.

I smile the whole way to practice on the train, repeating back phrases like: Io capisco umpo L’Italiano. “I understand a little Italian.”

And I smile the whole way home, amped from practice, reading one of many e-books lined up on my Kindle.

All the while exuding big cheesy love all over town.

Why not? I say. Why the hell not?

I leave you with this: Do whatever it is you darn desire. Remember, embodying that which brings you joy opens up a whole ‘nother world of joyful possibilities. Joy’s just the beginning. Get some!


Much Love,


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