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Passion Project: Expedition Granted

Every month as a kid, I’d be so excited to get our brand new bright yellow National Geographic in the mail. I loved exploring the world through the eyes of their camera lenses. I’ll be honest, I mostly looked at the pictures & colorful info-graphics, and read all the captions, of course.

Among many things I wanted to be as a child, explorer was one of them.

I’d long since forgotten about that “kid fantasy” until I read the book Wild and it all came flooding forward again. And it was only recently that those bright yellow rags started showing up on coffee tables nearby. Next thing I knew I was on their email list, where each week I’m suckered into at least 3 cool stories (that I actually read now;).

All that said, one day THIS showed up in my inbox and I can’t stop thinking about it.

I see it as a sign;) I gotta try, right?

But what shall my expedition be?

I leave you with this: What’s your dream expedition? Let’s do this. #whynot


Much Love,


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