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Eating My Words All the Way to Race Day

I fell in love with this organization and its founder, Adam Braun, first after watching the interview I wrote about here, and then again after reading Braun’s book The Promise of a Pencil.

I was so inspired by the organization and the story of its conception that I immediately got on their email list. Since then, I’ve been following along with the latest news in their pursuit to bring education to the poorest of children in the farthest reaches of the world.

A couple weeks ago, I received an email from POP about the opportunity to join their NYC marathon team. Although I’m no real runner and literally thought I would go to my grave declaring the absurdities of marathon racing (and still might), there was some little bugger of a thing that told me to save the email just in case.

I mentioned the opportunity to Elisa’s twin, an avid runner, and she was all about it. She herself is already running the race for a different organization and tried to convince me that at least one marathon should be on everyone’s bucket list.

“Well, it’s not on mine,” I huffed. “And it never will be. I wanna do crazy shit, like climb shit and jump off shit”–(a clear side-effect of a recent read: The Rise of Superman).

Just two days ago, firm in my decision, I asked Elisa if she would run the race with me for POP … like a relay or something. When she agreed, I replied to that lingering email to see if any spots were left.

“No, sorry. Due to an overwhelming response, we filled up quickly.”


Oh well, we tried.

The very next day. “Great news, Kat! Someone has dropped out of the team and we have 1 spot left that has your name all over it if you want it.”


I didn’t respond. One single spot wouldn’t work for a relay. I said nothing to Elisa. “You must raise $1,500 by such and such a date, and then another $1,500 by this date, otherwise your credit card will be charged.”


I hate fundraising.

Clearly I was terrified. I sat on it for a few hours.

And then it hit me. If it scares you, do it!

Practice what you preach, right?

The race part, eh, I’ll be fine. It’s this fundraising stuff that scares the pants off me.

When I said yes, though, I was hit with a wave of exhilaration. I ran eight miles last night just from sheer excitement to make a small impact. So far the impact has been only on my quads;) Ouch.

I might not be climbing shit, or jumping off shit, but we’re going to be building shit, one pencil at a time.

Here is my brand spanking new fundraising link: I liken it to asking you to take me out for a coffee;) $3 or $5 if you’re a latte person. That’s all I’m asking.

Thank you kindly for your support in advance.

This could get interesting;)

I leave you with this: If it scares you, it’s likely worth going for.


Much Love,



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