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Less Judgement, More Experience: TYOMD on location: Sea Isle City

I’ll never forget when I first moved to Brooklyn and told people I was from Baltimore. “Wow, really? That’s hard core. Baltimore, huh?”

At first I was puzzled.

But then it dawned on me … Oh right, The Wire–a TV show I’ve actually never seen.

I couldn’t hate because here I was looking over my shoulder at night walking down the streets of Park Slope like some New Jack City shit was about to go down.

I’m definitely guilty of this, but I’m getting better. Judge less, experience more.

I’ve really begun to enjoy experiences totally blind or with fresh new eyes.

I want my own experience, damnit. I guess I always have, hence the late night rendezvous with cigarettes, drinking, and drugs. Thankfully now my intentions are a wee bit healthier and a lot more mindful.

I leave you with this: Go all eyes in, or eyes wide shut, whatever your method, just get the most out of it. It’s more fun this way. I promise.


Much Love,




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