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Art of Allowing

This whole concept of allowing has come up a ton lately. In A Course in Miracles, in Abraham-Hicks The Law of Attraction, in my clients lives, in my life.

… Must be somethin’ in the water;)

I was thinking about it today as I stared out into the sea. Not much in the wave department, and the ocean was littered with bits of seaweed (yikes), so I spent more time looking at the water rather than my usual splashing about.

I was thinking about how the ocean is always in flux; you never really know what you’re gonna get. We sort of expect it to be that way, so we don’t get our pantaloni all in a bunch if it doesn’t cooperate.

Funny that we haven’t yet learned to do that with a plethora of other things, like–oh, I don’t know–life, people, work, family, and many, many more situations that have proven time and time again that they too are ever-changing.

Even though disappointment thrives on unmet expectations, we continue to make them–especially of other people, which is always a losing battle. I continue to learn.

The art of allowing is a letting go of those expectations. It’s loosening the grip on the fixed perceptions of how we think everything should be. It is kicking resistance to the curb, and finding flow.

Allowing, however, is not giving up, it’s giving in. Giving in to freedom, fortitude, and eventually even forgiveness.

It’s powerful stuff. Frustratingly simple, with zero room for argument.

Byron Katie always tells it like it is: “I am a lover of what is, not because I’m a spiritual person, but because it hurts when I argue with reality.”

I leave you with this: Practice the art of allowing this week. It’s OK to start small, and still reap the benefits: surplus time and energy;)


Much Love,


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