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Peace Begins With Me

I’m heading to see Spirit Junkie, Gabby Bernstein, tomorrow night in NYC, which reminded me of a quick and easy mindfulness/meditation exercise she describes in her latest book, Miracles Now.

It’s very simple and totally discreet, so you can use it anytime/anywhere. The mantra: “Peace begins with me” can be tapped out on your fingers and said silently: thumb to pointer (peace), thumb to middle (begins), thumb to ring (with), and thumb to pinky (me).

I was thinking about this today as I read through the headlines of the Huff Post daily brief.

All doom and most definitely gloom.

I could feel the agitation rise up in me.

Suddenly, the neighbors kids were really annoying playing in the alley. When I got on my bike shortly after, I was frustrated with all the ass-hats that can’t seem to park with courtesy of others (pulling forward to create more room for the next guy).

I couldn’t believe how cranky I felt, when just a few hours before I was all smiles and sunshine.

It dawned on me: “Peace begins with me.”

I may not be able to help in Ferguson, or have any impact on the Gaza Strip, Ukraine, or any other dispute that seems to be, quite literally, blowing up at the moment. But I certainly don’t have to add to the negative nonsense.

In my short little orbit, I do have an effect. Each person I touch is an opportunity to exchange peace, compassion and kindness. It may not seem like a game-changer, but I tell you it is.

Peace begins with you, son!

I leave you with this: Annoyed in traffic? ticked off at a slow barista? someone paying a check at the grocery store? your kid making you crazy? Four words: “Peace begins with me.” Wash and repeat.


Much Love,




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