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Amazing Grace

orchid tatt

When I was living in Hawaii, rebuilding my sense of self, coming out of a divorce and deep depression in 2008, I fell in love with grace. A word I must have said hundreds of times before without ever knowing its true meaning.

I strung it into my mantras; I wrote about it in my gratitude journal; I set out on a journey to embody grace, living and breathing, in my eyes, the virtue of all virtues.

Before leaving Hawaii, I even got a tattoo of an orchid, a symbol for grace.

I was all smiles today listening to this guided meditation on grace.

It is the unconditional kindness of the Universe, the gentle power and serenity that lifts us up no matter what it is we’re going through. Grace is perhaps the most simple and most powerful promise there is. It is a state of pure openness and being available, a space where you can allow a new reality to enter your very being. 

To be in a state of grace means to be blessed, untouched by harm. If you feel blessed there is a natural impulse to share how you feel, to bless others.

We do this by example: Radiating light.

Through generosity of spirit: When we lighten the burden of others and give from the heart.

Accepting the equality of all people: Adopting the teaching of non-violence. Renouncing hatred and anger, the root of violence. It extends in its purest state to reverence for life. The most powerful kind of nonviolence embraces the belief that every breath comes from a state of grace, and thus is a devotional attitude. Day 16, Radiating Grace: Oprah & Deepak 21-Day Meditation Experience

Having come out of that deep depression and having witnessed depths of myself I would have never voluntarily visited, I immediately knew I needed to help others to not only see the light, but to find their light to radiate for others.

Grace has become a devout practice of mine. And feeling blessed is always a cherished gift.

I leave you with this: Try on grace for a few days. It’s divine. I bet it will fit mahvelously;)


Much Love,


On my meditation mix: By Thy Grace by Snatam Kaur


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