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Leave It To A Maxipad Ad To Get Me All Misty-eyed #LikeAGirl

I’ve been thinking about this whole, “throw like a girl” thing since all eyes were on Mo’ne Davis being badass last week pitching in the Little League World Series. I saw an interview where the newscaster asked Mo’ne why she didn’t play a sport more suitable for girls like soccer?

Her response was great. And by great, I mean, she kept her cool. “I do play soccer, it’s just not my favorite sport.”

My translation: “I play that too, punk. And I can beat you at both, fool!”

At least that’s what I would have said.

Thankfully nobody asked me a question like that when I was the only girl on my ice hockey team for the duration of my career. I would have played girls hockey, it just wasn’t offered at my rink. So rather than play no hockey, I played with sweaty, smelly, gross pubescent boys. Now that’s love for sport, yo!

In other gnarly chick news, lil’ Sam Gordon is back on the field eating up her opponents.

I’m really excited at the prospect that the next generation of young women will not see “throw like a girl” the same way we did. Although I paid no intention, I’m still a little scarred from the time my boyfriend, Andrew, in 8th grade broke up with me because I made too many tackles in his neighborhood football game.

“I embarrassed him.” He said.

I was embarrassed because I naively thought he’d be impressed.

Thankfully I outgrew dumb boys like Andrew and self consciousness altogether (well mostly). The latter coming far later than the former;)

My hope is that a shift in society more towards supporting the rock stars young women are today and the vast open road of opportunities ahead of them, they’ll know better to laugh at boys not man enough to cheer them on, and continue to redefine what it means to “fight like a girl.”

I leave you with this: Now if someone asks you, “What does it look like to (blank) like a girl?” I hope you represent!


Much Love,


PS … Thank you, Steph, for the vid;)





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