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The Perfect Day

Two years ago when I began doing some visualization meditation, I started thinking long and hard about what it is that would qualify as the meat and potatoes of my “perfect day.”

Now, don’t let me lose you on the visualization meditation part. I know you might still be on the fence about the hokey pokiness of that sort of thing. I just want to remind you though that there are gobs of killer athletes, highly paid performers, and badass biz moguls who visualize … and they don’t think it’s hokey. So, nor should you;)

I’d do the 6 Phase mediation with Vishen Lakhiani (below) and think about my perfect morning and breakfast, my perfect afternoon: workout and lunch, my perfect evening: dinner and walk outside, and my perfect sleep: bath and message.

And admittedly, I’ve done this meditation at least a few dozen times in the past two years. Yet, it was only last week that I solidified steps toward the very most important part–a perfect morning!

All along I was thinking that the perfect morning wouldn’t come until everything else was in place. You know, just the right amount of success, just the right space, just the right amount of time … which sounds, of course, like just the right amount of bullshit when you write it out like that;)

Each time I did the 6-Phase Meditation I’d see myself doing my meditation and a yoga/movement practice in the morning. Yet most mornings I’d compromise that time to run out the door for class, or quick check emails, or make breakfast and then, woops; I’d run out of time. Sometimes my meditation wouldn’t happen before bed even, which Elisa just loves. She fusses at me from bed, while I’m stubbornly planted on my cushion. #SoNotZen

Last week, I finally began the 5 Tibetan Rites practice, which I’ve tinkered with before. But now having almost a full week under my belt, I think this is what I’ve been missing. The perfect start to my perfect day!

I do a little warm-up action (thank you Tatiana!), the five rites plus a breathing meditation, then I do the rest of my routine (CIM and morning pages).

Yes, I have to wake up a 1/2 hour earlier, but already I have seen a shift in my energy and attitude about my day.

There are some parts of my perfect day that are still just slightly out of my reach, but that which I can control, I shall–bit by bit.

And committing to a perfect morning, I feel, is the best way to allow all the other perfects to drop into place as they may.

I leave you with this: What does your perfect day look/feel like? What are you waiting for?


Much Love,


ps … Brendon Burchard is always a one-stop shop for solid hits of motivation;)

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