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20,000 Positive Seeds Planted!

As of yesterday afternoon, we have reached 20,000 views here at TYOMD, which I realize may seem like small potatoes to some, but to us it’s a really frickin’ big deal!

Do you know what that means? That means that we have planted 20,000 positive seeds and counting. And we are celebrating the victories, shamelessly, at every step–dammit.

When I first began this blog I had no idea where it would take me; I was secretly scrolling Craigslist every night for fear that this leap was foolish and that of a hopeless idealist.

I wanted to live my dreams, but I also wanted a cushion … just in case. I wanted to go out on dates for no reason, or update my tired wardrobe, or get that new tattoo I’ve been talking about for two years. I wanted to build the wedding fund that my angelically patient and beautiful bride deserves. And, perhaps most importantly, the cushion would pad the crash and burn if/when it happened.

Yet, despite how much I thought I absolutely needed all those things, I wanted none of them more than I wanted this.

The irony is, I would have never known that without starting.

The idea for TYOMD came out of a rather desperate meditation one afternoon last November. I asked the simple question, “What’s next?” Not sure at all where my path would take me, or for that matter, if anyone was listening.

The Year of Magical Dreaming popped into my head: a project by the same name I had squashed just six months prior.

Of course! 

I had those telling goose bumps all over my body.

I will fearlessly live my passions and write about the journey it takes to get there! 

Yes, I do think in exclamation marks, as a matter of fact;)

I remember when Elisa walked in the door, I jumped up to tell her my amazing idea.

(She’s the practical one.)

“That sounds great, babe. But how will it make any money?”

“Well, it won’t exactly. At least not at first, but it’s still gonna be awesome. Because I can post things that motivate me, which will likely motivate others. And they can hold me accountable, because if I write it, you know I have to do it. And this way, they can see day-by-day what it’s like to live your passion. Besides, who cares if it makes money … it’s not gonna be a huge part of my day. I just won’t scroll FB anymore.”

I think there was an eye roll in that conversation somewhere, but she tried not to kill my enthusiasm. I didn’t care what she said, really. I had gotten the word as far as I was concerned. My mind was long made.

And yet, even though the last two statements were total lies (not a huge part of my day/no scrolling FB–HA), she has come to adore TYOMD almost as much as I do;)

The hardest trick for me here has been: Don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle. -jon acuff

Some blogs get 20,000 views in a month, week, day even–and for a split second, for that reason, I debated this celebration post.

But they started somewhere. And at some point, they too were proud of 20,000 views.

We are 286 posts/days in, and when I say we … it’s really just me, but somehow it feels like more than just a one-woman show–in fact, it’s not. It’s you too.

It’s the likes and shares, and the blog and FB comments, and new followers that let me know that it is all worthwhile–the late nights, the squabbles with Elisa over poorly timed writing habits, the tech glitches, the mildly embarrassing selfie vlogs, all of it.

No. I haven’t made a dime directly from TYOMD, and I’m not counting on the fact that I ever will. What I have gained instead is a place where I can share my hopes, dreams and enthusiasm. A community, however small, who enjoys a daily dose of inspiration like me. And an accountability partner in you that I’d never want to disappoint. Because I’m not afraid to dream for you, until you’re ready to do it for your yourself.

I leave you with this: Thank you, thank you, thank you. Thank you for allowing me to live my passion and share my life (under construction) with you.


Much Love,


Kat Hurley is a transformational author, speaker and self development coach, making over motivation at The Year of Magical Dreaming. Visit for all the 411, yo.

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