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Forever Changed

FDNY Squad One 9/11 Memorial Sculpture

This day, 2001, left many Americans forever changed. Although I did not lose a loved one, nor did I live in New York at the time, I can still honestly say that this day absolutely changed my life.

I was working in Baltimore at the time, just out of college, at a small advertising agency. I’ll never forget when the gentleman from sales came running into editing and creative, where I sat, to break the news.

We turned on the TV just in time to watch in horror as the second tower was hit.

I went through every emotion that day it seemed, like most of us. Anger, sadness, vulnerability, fear, hope, love, and so on.

Thankfully the mental head count I took on all my loved ones turned out “all present.” I was lucky; my heart ached for all those missing someone dear.

Regardless of our proximity, this hit us all way too close to home.

My boss kept us at work that day. He figured there was so much traffic on the road, as much of Baltimore had been evacuated, so why not work instead.

Although he let us go early the following Friday in thanks keeping it together on September 11th, I had already made up my mind.

I hadn’t been happy there since I began. The September 11th tragedy reminded me just how short and fragile life is; far too precious to spend it on work I didn’t love.

I took my teaching exams the following week and headed for grad school a changed person. Never again to settle in a spot that doesn’t make me come alive.

I will never forget.

I leave you with this: I honor all the heroes that September 11th created, all the patriotism, and the immense wave of love felt throughout this great nation on that day. My heart is with all the families and loved ones we lost. We are forever changed.


Much Love,




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