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The Daily Practice to Get Off the Floor

James Altucher says in The Power of No: “We never come out of desperation and pain in just one single act. It’s not ‘magic’. Living is a day-to-day thing, and so is the practice of returning from depression, or picking ourselves up off the floor, or beginning the journey back from dark places.”

I couldn’t agree more.

It’s funny (well sort of funny), when we are forced to be resilient–I mean when the shit hits the fan–we crawl our way out some way, somehow, and we carry on.

We would never wish this upon ourselves, obviously, but we’re often surprised nonetheless when we find ourselves still standing even in the midst.

This applies to most things really. Entrepreneurial ventures, taking risks in relationships, living your passion, you name it.

You live it day-to-day, moment-to-moment, in faith.

When failure strikes, as it will, we pick ourselves up off the floor and begin again.

I leave you with this: “Only those who risk going to far can possibly find out how far they can go.” T.S. Eliot


Much Love,


Kat Hurley is a transformational author, speaker, and personal development coach, making over motivation @The Year of Magical Dreaming. For further deets, visit, yo.

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