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TYOMD On Location: Wanderlust, Brooklyn 2014

Today’s mindful triathlon began with a 5k run through Prospect Park, Brooklyn.

I enjoyed the especially mindful start time of 11 AM and the rather casual commitment to race time altogether–no timing chips; I don’t even think I saw one clock on the course. After running 18 miles yesterday for my marathon mania training, I was all smiles trotting slowly behind a big crowd.

Then there was music and gobs of health-minded vendors, tons of free goodies, and a speakeasy from Keith Mitchell, retired NFL player turned yogi.

Keith closed his story with three ohms and Elena Brower led us into meditation with accompanied Brooklyn-based bassist, Garth Stevenson.

I’ve never been part of a larger group meditation and it was beautiful.

Here is a clip that does it little justice:

Of all the things Brooklyn has made cool. Let this be another one;)

After another walk through the vendors, two new additions to our triathlon tribe, and four fish tacos in total later, we were back on the mat with Seane Corn.

How did I not know about Seane Corn till today?

If only like Madonna and Sting, I could afford my own personal yoga instructor, she would be it.

In the meantime, I’ll listen to this each morning as I do my Tibetan Rites;)

In the midst of Seane Corn’s set, the rain started to fall and the chill of the day sent many (perhaps less mindful;) folks packing. Thankfully the heavy stuff held out and we were able to complete her set which was transformative for me. I had never done guided meditation through the asanas, bringing an intention to each movement; it was deliciously powerful.

Then came MC Yogi and the beats of the Beastie Boys to close out the day in the rain. I’ve never seen so many smiles gleaming from bodies wet like rats before. His fun and fresh approach to yoga was such a great way to keep our bodies movin and shakin as his boy, DJ Drez, dropped the beats.

Here’s another clip which does it no justice:

I’ve been following MC Yogi on the Instagram for a while, but today was my first live experience. I’m totally picking up what he’s putting down. All smiles and laughter the whole way.

I leave you with this: Not all who wander are lost. If you’re lost, perhaps you’re not wandering enough.


Much Love,


Kat Hurley is a transformational author, speaker and personal development coach, making over motivation @The Year of Magical Dreaming. For further deets, please visit, yo.

PS … I’m still accepting donations for Pencils of Promise, the amazing for-purpose organization for which I’m running the NYC marathon. Please consider donating here and I will be supremely stoked. Thank you!

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